Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marin -- January 29, 2011

We took a drive up to Marin County to find a high school where there is going to be a meeting next week. As soon as we crossed the Marin County line, it started to rain.

We stopped at the Bon Air Shopping Center on Sir Francis Drake and did some shopping at the Mollie Stone's Supermarket. They have a remarkable variety of products. After getting something at Starbuck's, we drove by Marin Catholic and saw where the entrances and exits were located.

We went to the Village shopping center, and found the parking lot very full. We tried to eat at Boudin's, but the line was almost out the door. We went to the shopping center across the road and had lunch at AG Ferrari's. We visited a toy store, then headed home.

It was interesting to see how traffic from and to Park Presidio had been diverted around to one side.

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