Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gigantes vs Cerveceros -- September 19, 2010

Yesterday we went to the 2010 Fiesta Gigantes, where the Gigantes were playing the Milwaukee Cerveceros. We parked at Daly City and got on a four-car train which picked up many people dressed in orange and black. We got off at Embarcadero Station and found that the new fare machines and gates were working. We bought three Muni tickets, each for $2.25 ($2.00 fare, $0.25 insurance). There was a Muni person standing by the gates explaining how to use the Clipper card.

When we got to the top of the escalator, we saw that the platform was jammed. If we hadn't paid, we would have walked. A Muni person told my wife that she was amazed there were so many people. Being in first place will do that. We managed to get on the first S-Shuttle, but it was tightly packed.

At the ballpark, we walked all the way around the outfield, then bought dinner at one of the stands near the bleachers.

Carlos Santana got an award before the game and plugged his new album.

The weather was muggy throughout the game. I dressed too warmly. Lincecum had problems again, but pitched well. Unfortunately, the Giants lost 2-1. I was surprised that a boat spent several innings behind the flags in right field. It was flying a large US flag and had a banner that said "Free Johannes Mehserle."

Coming home, we got on an N-Judah pretty quickly, and then caught a 10-car BART train. We were able to get a seat on BART.

I took the photo yesterday.

Today they won and the Padres lost, so they are back in first place.

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